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Sins of a Hex Empire

NOTE: I have every intention of making the links below work. It's just that, you know, they don't work right now.

Download (Original C++ Version, Windows Only)

Web Based Version (Ported From C++)

  • Turn based strategy game.
  • Your goal is to defeat three opposing AI and conquer the entire map.
  • The black dots scattered across the map are cities. If you own a city, it generates one army every turn.
  • The light blue hexes in the screenshot are water tiles. You cannot move on them.
  • The green hexes in the screenshot are land tiles not owned by any nation.
  • The red, yellow, dark blue, and purple tiles are land tiles owned by each respective nation.
  • Capitals (the stars) generate two armies per turn. If you capture a capital, that enemy will be eliminated.
  • Your units have two values -- armies and experience. Armies are the thin black crosses, experience is the black outline around those crosses.
  • A unit gains experience whenever it expands your nations borders.
  • You have a limited number of moves per turn.
  • Pressing enter moves to the next turn.
  • Pressing spacebar at any time spawns a new map.

This was based in large part on the game Hex Empire. The game is set on a randomly generated hex map, and you’re given the goal of conquering the capitals of 3 enemy AI. Scattered across the map are cities, which serve as the source of your armies — any city that you capture will produce troops for you each turn.

The name is a play on the game Sins of a Solar Empire. In reality my game has almost nothing to do with Sins of a Solar Empire, but I just thought it was a funny name.

The game has a fully functional AI that has actually managed to beat me a few times.

Built with C++ and SFML

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